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Discover a personalized approach to beauty and relaxation at Trendsetters. We bypass the typical salon experience by providing one-on-one attention and emphasizing the importance of the client/stylist relationship. Specializing in both timeless treatments and the latest innovative techniques, our experts deliver service beyond compare. As Elgin’s premier hair experts, we invite you to experience the Trendsetters difference.

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You work hard each day, so wouldn’t it be nice to delegate less time to making the most of your mane? Our stylists ensure you have a meticulously constructed foundation to work with, which allows you to have a good hair day every day. We begin each appointment with a thorough consultation and take into account your at-home routine, the texture of your hair and what style will best enhance your features. Our talented stylists then utilize this information, and their inventive cutting and styling acumen, to design the final look you are sure to love.